Ready to win?

"What I love about BOH is that they don’t teach you their system and depend on them but rather they’ll teach you different methods on how to build your own portfolio and how to interpret the behavior of stocks." 



“I am a newbie trader. Will I fit into BoH Society?”


All traders start out as newbies. You can get better over time (and make costly mistakes in the process) or you can get better faster with BoH Society. Because to make extraordinary trades, you need relevant information and professional guidance.

Joining BoH Society at this stage in your trading journey can save you from wasting your precious money and time. You can make smart trades, and navigate the bear and bull markets more confidently.

“I’m busy with work and other stuff. I might not be able to use or maximize my subscription.”


Profitable trading requires time, effort and the right process. With BoH Society, you only need to invest ONE HOUR per week to watch ONE module for ONE month (to learn the basics in our trading boot camp).

We sift through tons of market and technical information, so you don’t have to waste your time collecting and vetting trading ideas. We do that for you.


In effect, you have more time to focus on your trades, work, and other stuff.


“Do you have seminars?”


Yes. We have a catalog of webinars archived for your convenience. Our webinar topics include stock selection, portfolio construction, trade planning, and execution, among others.


Subscribing to BoH Society allows you to learn at your own pace. Members can watch the videos as many times as they want. They can also message any of the BoH Society admins if they have any questions.


Members have an entire year to interact with our admins, who can serve as mentors.


“Do you give trading tips and recommendations?”


No. We do not give tips or recommendations. We also do not hype stocks. Instead, we provide our members with stock guidance, some even in real-time.


We also provide high conviction trade ideas. Some of these stocks are part of our model portfolios (ports).

Follow our FB page ( where we occasionally report the performance of our model ports. In the past, we have disclosed our model port stocks and their respective weights. Of course, BoH Society members get first dibs on our model portfolios and can access this information anytime on our platform.


“I want to trade for a living. Can you help me?”


Our training modules are designed to mold members into competent, independent traders. We have a trading process that works for members who trade (stocks, FX, and even crypto) full-time or on-the-side. It’s up to our members to decide how far they can go with the lessons we impart.


“Do I have to transfer my money to you?”


No. BoH Society is not a brokerage. We teach our members how to trade using data and a proprietary trading system. Members trade their money using a platform or brokerage of their choice.


“My capital is less than six digits. Is BOH still right for me?”


We have members with portfolio sizes less than that. Our trading strategies apply to both small and large portfolio sizes. We don’t force members to trade stocks they are not comfortable with. We cover everything from blue chips to “basuras”.


“Why is BOH Society closing in 2020?”


All good things must come to an end, and year 2020 seems as good a time as any to end our journey. When we started, our goal was to teach ordinary Filipinos to make extraordinary trades. By 2020, we hope to have fulfilled our objective.