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Stock Market Expert: About Spyfrat

Updated: Mar 30, 2018

Hernan Segovia is an investor, stock broker, and a long time advocate for retail investors. He is a senior broker at Summit Securities, the stock brokerage firm he joined in 1995. Segovia or Spyfrat (as he is fondly known online) is a trend follower who uses the 50-day moving average with Bollinger Bands overlay exclusively (Spyfrat’s Trading System or STS) but he also specializes in anticipation set-ups (he calls them “BEBEMON”) that have produced a lot of monster trades the past two decades. People who know Spyfrat characterize him as caring, thoughtful, God-fearing, and someone who puts family first above everything else.

His investing style and trading methodology has earned him a lot of praise from the retail community. The SST is practical, straight-forward, and profitable. But among Spyfrat’s most notable contributions include his theory on parabolic, the 20% rule, precedence patterns, ceiling theories, and gap theory.

For many years, Spyfrat has provided free counsel to retail investors in different on-line forums. People who have contacted Spyfrat directly over the past 20 years have sent him thousands of complimentary letters thanking him for the help and advise he has provided.

Teaching for a fee was not a decision he took lightly. After years of providing free stock market advice, Spyfrat started to offer premium research services in 2016. But instead of people pushing back against his premium services, demand for his brand of trade support skyrocketed. Today, he is one of the most sought after premium research providers in the Philippines.

For Spyfrat, his premium services is not about the money. His advocacy has always been to help ordinary Filipinos become better traders. In partnering up with BOH, he hopes to reach out to more people and help them become extraordinary traders.

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