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Stock Trading Philippines: Confessions of a Former Doubting Thomas

Updated: Mar 30, 2018

To be honest, my first impression of BOH was that it was no different from other stock related social media pages where hyping and bashing of a particular stock were part of the process in order to get more people to buy or dump the stock to make it “move” towards the desired price action. To make matters worse, you were charging people for it! But as curiosity set in, I decided to give BOH a try just to know what the hype was all about. My expectations were really, really LOW and my mind was already conditioned to believe that I was just throwing away money just to have my assumptions proven correct.

I think it was 2015 that I joined BOH and initially, I considered things like parameters, volume buzzes, outliers etc., as just technical shams to have people engaged and to keep on using and paying for the BOH services but at the end of the day was as useless as the medical services being provided by quack doctors. To top it all off, there were people posting their winning trades on a consistent basis. I thought to myself — they do have a very effective way of selling their systems. This negativity wasn’t really brought about by huge losses but rather on the failure on my end of achieving consistent results and from seeing newbies get burned by the hype and bash of “gurus” from other groups.

As the months went by I was still having a hard time grasping the processes and having used it incorrectly led me to some huge trading losses, far worse as compared to using my own system. Thus, my initial impressions were being further cemented but a part of me kept saying maybe I’m doing something wrong because I’ve heard from some folks/friends before joining BOH that you are one of the best at what you do.

And so I pushed on to the point that I studied how to code AFL, formulas for the vol buzzes, standard deviations, outliers, etc. so that I can replicate most of the functionality of BOHSEM using Amibroker. (If I only knew Ruel will eventually come up with the AFLs for most of the data I wouldn’t have gone to such great lengths LOL). As my subscription was about to end last 2016 and still having failed to apply the process, I just renewed for half a year. I decided that this will be the last straw of everything — if I fail to even just grasp the process and somehow achieve a semblance of consistency, I’m calling it quits.

Sometimes, we do have to accept defeat and move on.

The last 6 months of 2016 wasn’t a walk in the park. It was tough. Late nights going through one chart after another, trying to plot my own parameters, etc. because I believe it was the only way for me to learn, understand the process and eventually say I now know how to trade consistently. Fortunately, the last 6 months of 2016 allowed me to outperform the market maybe through some lucky stock picks as well.

Then your bootcamp videos were perhaps the last piece of the puzzle as I was re-watching the videos, everything just suddenly made sense. The long-term chart/signal/trigger bars and your approach to understanding candlesticks are pure winners. (It was like tapa meeting sinangag and the itlog to form tapsilog, that’s how much it made sense LOL).

This 2017, everything’s working out very well and I’m really hoping to significantly outperform the market as compared to last year.

And I don’t know if it comes with understanding the process but when the market was tanking for the last 6 months of 2016, there was no sense of fear. I felt calm.It was like I knew what to do when the market goes up or down. Parang na manhid na ata ako.

Recently pa, I’ve been asked by some “investors” if I’d like to manage their money for them LOL but it’s something that I’ve turned down for now.

I hope someday I can personally express my thanks for sharing your knowledge, techniques, and experiences esp on how big institutions trade our market.

For now, thanks Jiego and keep on doing what you’re doing — helping ordinary people become exceptional traders!

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