• Christine Ong

Nakakaintimidate ba ang BOH Investment Process?

Process sounds like such a big and scary word. But in truth, we know what process is — it’s just a specific way of doing things, a series of steps we do to achieve a result. We know process, in fact, we do it every day! We just don’t know that it’s already a process and we can call what we do a process — don’t ask me why, there’s just something about the word that seems so.. cold.

But we do know process. Let’s take for example, cooking.

Cooking food follows a process. If we don’t know our way around the kitchen and are suddenly tasked to cook a hard boiled egg, chances are we’d probably get it right only after several tries, depending on our skills and experience.

Some may not know that they have to start with cool water, or that they have to remove the saucepan from the heat once the water boils AND then wait 7–15 minutes. Truly, there’s a lot about the process that can get lost in translation in a badly written recipe book.

But one thing we know, there’s a process to follow if we want to make perfectly cooked hard boiled eggs.

This is no different with trading stocks and why there is/must be a process.

We follow a process to lead our portfolio towards the best possible results. We follow that process to achieve consistency as well. The great thing about BOH Society is, that process is already laid out for you — all you have to do is study it, and perhaps more importantly, follow it. In part, this is why BOH Society launched its flagship product early this year, our Dynamic Momentum-Based Portfolio.

We believe retail investors can beat the market if they focus more on HOW to pick stocks, rather than fussing “Uy RSI 80 na, overbought na yan!” or “Morning Doji Star, ‘lam na dis! Bodega na guyz!

Through the Dynamic Momentum-Based Portfolio, we wanted to show our members, and everyone else who follows our page, that, not only is our investment process (yep, there’s that word again — process!) tried and tested, but that anyone who has the time and patience to learn our ways will do exceptionally well in the markets.

And since we publish our model portfolio’s performance monthly, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that its gains speak for itself.

Sabi nga nila, embrace the process bes! And one day, everything will fall into place.

Are you willing to embrace the process? And decide that TODAY is the day that things will finally start falling into place?

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