• Jet Mojica

Stock Investing Philippines: BOH Society Research Team

Updated: Mar 30, 2018

BOH Analytics Inc., is an online trade support provider of real-time quantitative research about the Philippine stock market.

Our research team is known for producing bold, non-consensus, high conviction trade ideas through a top-down, data-driven investment process that focuses on stock selection and market timing.

Prior to establishing BoH, Jet was an Associate Portfolio Manager for the Odyssey Investment Management Team under the BPI Asset Management and Trust Group. As a portfolio manager with the Odyssey Team, he managed segregated client equity portfolios worth US$45 million. He was also a Securities Dealer for the Financial Market Group of BPI, and Head of Research and Risk Officer for Multinational Investment Bancorporation. Jet is an Applied Economics graduate of De La Salle University — Taft, where he also completed the coursework for his MS Economics major in Econometrics degree.

Prior to joining BOH Analytics, Jojo was an executive director at Fastel Services. Jojo ran the human resources and administrative departments handling accounting, personnel, and training as well as upkeep for office and plant facilities. He retired early and has been trading stocks full-time since 2008.

Jojo is known in the retail investment community for his work using Elliott Wave analysis, a big picture approach to analyzing financial market cycles and market trends. He created “Traffic Lights”, a crossover trading system that uses exponential moving averages to create buy and sell signals. He regularly shares his market commentary in The Market Farm, BOH Analytic’s free FB group where we unlock BOH research on a delayed basis. Jojo received his bachelor’s degree in business management and psychology from De La Salle University.

Spyfrat is a senior broker at Summit Securities, the stock brokerage firm he joined in 1995. He is a trend follower who uses the 50-day moving average with Bollinger Bands overlay exclusively (hence forth referred to as STS) but he also specializes in anticipation set-ups (he calls them “BEBEMON”) that have produced a lot of monster trades the past two decades.

Among Spyfrat’s most notable contributions include his theory on parabolic, the 20% rule, precedence patterns, ceiling theories, and gap theory. He regularly shares Trading Hacks on Twitter as well as really high level broker analysis covering some of the most exotic stocks in the Philippine stock market.

Spyfrat is lives in Iloilo with his wife and children. He is a licensed master electrician and registered electrical engineer. Spyfrat earned his bachelor’s degree from Central Philippine University, Iloilo.

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