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Stock Trading Philippines: The Tale of BOH Society

Updated: Mar 30, 2018

BOH Bettor Society was founded in 2013 as a free Facebook group for Filipino investors. Within three months of its founding, close to 400 users had signed up to the free-group thanks to word of mouth from followers of our WordPress blog, Betting on Harmonics. Our vision was to create a reliable and organized investment club for serious investors. We specialized in technical analysis and later on expanded our offering to publication of quantitative models. By January 2014, we pivoted to a fee-based model with a founding member base of 38 users. By November 2014, we had 69 founding members.

In January 2015, we formally introduced BOH Society to the public as a trade support provider for retail investors. While we had a cult-like following from those who already knew us, we were relatively unknown compared to the more established Facebook groups like Miko Sayo’s, Stock Market ng Pilipinas or Traders Apprentice Pilipinas. And given how we were fee-based, we knew we would not be able to compete against these free advocate of “financial literacy.” But still, we could see how retail investors were not getting the kind of trade support they deserved.

I left my job as an Associate Portfolio Manager at BPI Asset Management and Trust Group in December 2014. I wanted to focus on BOH Society to level the playing field for retail investors. I saw first hand how portfolio managers and high net worth individuals got all the support they needed to succeed. The support ranged from having access to comprehensive research from sell-side analysts to in-house research teams that updated assumptions and models daily. Portfolio managers got first calls on deals, earnings, and rumors, which they share openly with high net worth clients as a value-added service. And then when they still get the stock picks wrong, it’s not a big deal because they’re big and they’re in it for the long haul anyway.

Ordinary retail investors do not have the luxury. To bridge this disadvantage, people bookmark the PSE Edge website; join free Facebook groups and communities; sign-up to news aggregators; follow well-known market experts, and read local blogs on fundamental and technical analysis. And yet despite said efforts, majority have not made money or victimized by hype.

We have been able to make BoH Society work because we are PROCESS BASED. Our investment process stems from IDEAS GENERATION, PORTFOLIO CONSTRUCTION and then scales up to mapping out risk-reward on various trades. We are DIY (do-it-yourself) and this means that members will have to learn our investment process first if they want to maximize the BOH Experience. Our DIY approach is what makes BOH scalable, and it is what has allowed us to thrive despite the extraordinary market volatility we’ve seen the past year and a half.

What has also worked well for us has been my ability to ANTICIPATE the BEST OPPORTUNITIES for our members because of my long years of experience as a PORTFOLIO MANAGER. To put it in another way, I never run out of trading ideas for our subscribers whether it’s in stocks or currencies; whether the market is bullish, bearish, or just plain old chicken.

Finally, we have worked very hard establishing a BOH CULTURE. We are a FAMILY FIRST, and we all look out for one another. Our members know that we always have their best interest at heart, and we have their trust all the way. BOHEMIANS have learned we’re not perfect and take good with the bad because they are “NET HAPPY”.

As of January 2018, BOH Society has 1156 members.


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