Jet Mojica

is an independent portfolio manager and the founder of BOH Society. Prior to his current roles, he was the Lead Market Technician at BPI and an Associate Portfolio Manager for the Odyssey Investment Management Team under the BPI Asset Management and Trust Group.


With the Odyssey Team, he managed segregated client equity portfolios worth $45 million. His quantitative research into dual momentum, portfolio optimization, and volatility sizing is the foundation of the BOH algorithmic approach.


Jojo Gaston

BOH's resident Elliott Wave expert, Jojo provides "big picture" guidance to members while keeping watch for "traffic lights," a crossover trading system that generates buy and
sell signals. 

Hernan Segovia

Hernan Segovia is a senior broker at Summit Securities, and is credited for popular theories like parabolic plays, the 20% rule, precedence patterns, ceiling theories, and gaps.

Ready to win?

"What I love about BOH is that they don’t teach you their system and depend on them but rather they’ll teach you different methods on how to build your own portfolio and how to interpret the behavior of stocks."